2 comments on “Purity, Experience, and Innocence

  1. We’ve had fragments of this conversation before, but I do still think you unfairly demonize “guilty” pleasures and that specter of society. Society is important because people are social creatures in essence, and “guilt” can actually be part of that depth of experience you advocate for and add spice to the indulgence.
    I basically agree with what you’re saying here–I don’t think the guilt or society should be reasons not to indulge in things like music or art–but the added spice of taboo can influence that indulgence in meaningful ways that I think you may miss just as much by filtering taboos out as the subjects of those taboos.

    If Pop Music is your “Guilty Pleasure”, don’t let anyone else take away that guilt or that pleasure–enjoy it in the way it means most to you. ‘Cause part of what makes it “pop” music in the first place is that it’s just a regular pleasure for most people–the guilt is an individual interpretation and in that context valid.

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