About Me

My name is Earl “Andy” Isbell, aka Lluks4 or just “Llux.”

I am an artist, writer, graphic novelist, and game designer.  I am currently working on a novel, countless art pieces, and also a video game written in the Haskell programming language.

I prefer cats.  I listen to techno and symphonic metal by preference.  My favorite instrument is the piano.

When I’m not doing art, writing, or homework, I enjoy spending time playing video games, role-playing games, nerf/boffer games, and board games.  I also enjoy reading graphic novels, particularly manga, listening to music, and watching anime.

My top favorite movies are Kung-Fu Hustle and Boondock Saints.

My favorite scientific theories are Chaos Theory and Quantum Theory.

Art and writing are my passions, perhaps obsessions.

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