My Aim

I am a creator who writes, paints, draws, and creates other worlds and people in other contexts, to explore the human condition through uncanny lenses.  To me, that is the power of fantasy art and literature–to understand the possibilities that exist, and to view the nature of things from oblique angles we never see in  our day-to-day life.

…And to transfix us on those possibilities, thereby transforming us.  The process by which I create these things is likewise a process of transfixation–I feel the only genuine method to create my work is to become utterly immersed in it, so that others may become immersed in it as well.  In this immersion, we have been transformed.  This is also a process of realization–sometimes it requires fantastic context to realize truths about ourselves.  This too is a power of fantastic art and literature, in that we are afforded an opportunity to learn about ourselves–not just what we are, but what we can choose to become.

Often I also appear in my own work, as I explore the relationship of the self with the realm of the possible.  This is also an exploration of identity, especially how it can be formed as a result of the realm of the possible, not just that of the mundane.  This extends to a universal truth, that behind the surface of any individual lies a much larger world, one that is influenced by countless worlds without respect for definitions of “real” or “fantastic.”  The subconscious and the soul cannot be understood in strictly mundane terms.

I hope my creations transfix some of you as they have me.


von Llux.

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