Welcome to the Legend of Luth!
(c) Earl Isbell

Last Update: 09/29/2013


The Legend of Luth is an adventure-rpg game based on an old board game I made as a kid, which was based on the rpgs I had just started playing. The goal of the game is do defeat the dragon locked away in the castle at the end of the map. Except for the space with the dragon, each square is randomized, meaning each game you will have a different experience.

/*Basic Gameplay*/
/*Events */
/*Combat */
/*Stats */
/*Level Up */
/*Equipment */
/*Items */
/*Spells */
/*Conditions */
/*Tips */

Basic Gameplay for text game:
The game is played by entering commands in the console window with your keyboard, then pressing ENTER. You can use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through recently entered commands.

Turn overview:
Each turn begins with a chance to use magic, items, or summon the shop Fairy. Then you get to move between 1-6 spaces, determined randomly. When you land on a non-empty square, you play that level. Some levels have events, some levels have monsters, and some have treasure (or any combination of these).

Events come in three varieties–Story, static, and one-time events. Static events can be returned to and replayed, unlike one-time events. Story events trigger the next chapter in the player’s story. Depending on actions in the story event, you may unlock different endings for the characters.

When combat breaks out, the player has four options: Attack, Magic, Item, and Flee. Attack attempts to hit an enemy of your choise, and Magic allows you to use spells if you have the mana points. Item lets you use combat-usable item. Flee gives you a random chance based on your speed relative to the speed of the enemies to escape the battle. If you do, the enemies remain on that tile, indicated by an exclamation point.
When you have more than one enemy available to target, their names and health bars will be displayed next to numbers. Input the number next to the enemy you want to target and hit ENTER to target that enemy with the action.

Each Character has the following statistics:
Acc –Accuracy; determines the likelihood you will hit your enemy. Also provides a flat boost to damage.
Str –Strength; is multiplied by 1-6 to determine your base damage–high Str makes for devastating attacks.
BLD –Block/Dodge; determines how hard it is to land a hit on you.
ARM –Armor; is subtracted from incoming damage before it is dealt to your Health Points.
Health –Multiplied by five and added to 10 to determine your Health Points. Also, you recover this much health each day with rest. (Days pass when you complete non-static levels).
Spd –Speed; determines the likelihood you will act earlier each round than your opponents. Also affects how likely you are to successfully flee.
Magic –Determines your maximum Mana Points.
Elem –Element; determines the elemental type of your character’s basic attacks.
FireD –Fire Defense; is subtracted from incoming fire-based damage before it is dealt to your Health Points.
IceD –Ice Defense; is subtracted from incoming ice-based damage before it is dealt to your Health Points.
NatureD –Nature Defense; is subtracted from incoming Nature-based damage before it is dealt to your Health Points.
LightD –Light Defense; is subtracted from incoming light-based damage before it is dealt to your Health Points.
DarkD –Dark Defense; is subtracted from incoming dark-based damage before it is dealt to your Health Points.
Experience points –Determines how close you are to level up.

Level Up:
When you earn enough experience points from defeating monsters, you level up. Some stats will increase by themselves due to your character’s natural talents. Additionally, you may increase one stat by one, or increase an elemental defense by two.

When you obtain Items that can be equipped, they are automatically equipped unless you already have an item in that equipment slot. If you obtain additional equipment for that slot and wish to equip it, you can do so outside of combat by going to your Inventor and selecting Equip. This will display what equipment you have on and allow you to exchange equipment.

The follow is a list of items available in Legend of Luth: this list may grow or change over time.

“Agile boots”: BLD, Spd +1
“Ancient’s Key”: The key that can open any door, left behind by the Ancients
“Ancient’s Circlet”: Increases Magic by 1 when equipped. Also lets you cast Regen for 1 mana.
“Breastplate”: Arm +4
“Cat’s Crystal”: Single-Use item that allows you to cast Kitten Burst
“Crucifix”: Repels Vampires
“Dorian Mirror”: Removes negative conditions
“Element Mirror”: Can be used anytime to boost your elemental protections
“Fairy Amulet”: Arm + 6
“Fairygold Nectar”: Completely restores health
“FairySoda”: Completely restores Mana Points
“FairySword”: Acc, Magic +1
“Flash Bang”: Single-Use item that inflicts distraction on your target
“Frost Flint”: Single-Use item that allows you to cast Hold Stil
“Gauntlets”: Arm +1
“Health Vial”: Restore 25 HP
“heirloom”: Sought after by someone
“Holy Crystal”: Single-Use item that deals Light damage
“Mage Grapes”: Restore Four Mana points
“Molotov Cocktail”: Single-Use item that deals fire damage to all enemies
“Spelleaver Gloves”: Health, BLD +1, Magic +2
“Sturdy Scimitar”: Increases Acc by 1
“Troll Sheild”: BLD +2
“Silver Bangle”: Acc, Str, Arm +1
“Replica Sword”: Single-Use item that allows you to cast Vow of Harmony
“Troll Axe”: Acc and BLD -1, Str +2
“Victor’s Pendant”: Health +1; Arm + 1; BLD +2;
“Wood Sheild”: BLD +1

The following spells are usable by players, though this section may increase:

Fire Shot: Deals 12 Light damage to target
Hold Still: ???
Kitten Burst: ???
Ice Spear Shot: Deals 12 Ice damage to target
Dagger Flash: Bestows the Mirrored status to target(+2 BLD)
Regen: Recover health points equal to your Health stats each round
Spectral Army: Deals 15 Dark damage to all enemies
Doomsday Sickle: Deals 35 Dark damage to an enemy

Some additional spells are available, hidden throughout the game world. if you complete special achievements.

Various status effects can help or hurt characters and monsters throughout the game. Most of them are temporary, though some unusual ones can affect characters permanently. Effects include sapping or regenerating HP, modifying stats, and more complex effects. Be warned that they wear off at different rates–some end with combat, but some persist outside of combat.

Having trouble? Here are some basic guidelines that can help you make progress in Legend of Luth:

–Remember to Shop: At the beginning of the game, you have enough gold to buy a basic item to help you. Health Potions are highly recommended, but don’t underestimate the usefulness of Dorian Mirrors, as Poison can be very deadly.
–Flee when you’re in trouble. If things go South, remember that “living to fight another day” can be powerful, especially since you can comeback after visiting the shop to get just what you need to win the fight. Fast characters like Kris can actually use “scout” tactics: since they go first and are good at fleeing, they can see what enemies are at a square, then flee and come back with a handy item–did anybody say Molotov Cocktail?
–Use your magic wisely. If you’re playing Myth, you probably want to use magic often, but characters like Luth should save it for strong enemies that would be difficult to take out otherwise.
–Pay attention to elemental affinities. Luth’s fireShot and Kris’s basic attacks deal light damage and can punish undead, whereas Myth probably only wants to use normal attacks against Light enemies and those already almost dead.
–If you’re having trouble, trying improving your Health stat. The fact that you regenerate HP each day means boosting this stat can make surviving to later levels much easier.

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